Freunde und Förderer des Stuttgarter Oratorienchors e.V.

Our mission


Dear friends of the Stuttgarter Oratorienchor, 

yes, we dare to address you as “friends”! You encourage us to do so by your regular visits to our concerts. We thank you for this. We see in this an expression of beautiful solidarity with our choir.

May we also hope to win you as a “sponsor”?

Nowadays, concerts can no longer be financed by ticket prices alone. The costs for orchestra, soloists, hall rent and organisation exceed the income from ticket sales many times over. Grants from city and state for cultural projects are not abundant in difficult times. That is why the choir is increasingly dependent on donations to cover its constantly rising expenses.

The association “Freunde und Förderer des Stuttgarter Oratorienchors e.V.” (Friends and Sponsors of the Stuttgart Oratorio Choir), founded in 1999, has made it its business to provide the choir with idealistic and financial support. We feel committed to the choir’s tradition and standards. We therefore apply for your membership in the association. – We do not charge a membership fee, rather we ask for donations at our own discretion. We can issue donation receipts on request, as we are recognised as a non-profit association.

The singers of the choir work with great dedication and joy on the most beautiful oratorical works of music literature. For their part, they are motivated by the inspiring presence of their listeners. With this in mind, we would like to welcome you to our concerts and ask you to support us in our efforts to maintain the high level of performance of the Stuttgart Oratorienchor in the future by becoming a member of our association.

The association board
Dr. Heinz Neeser
Dr. Stefan Kaufmann


Freunde und Förderer des Stuttgarter Oratorienchors e.V.,
c/o Susanne Blecher-Müller, Kronprinzstr. 1B, 70173 Stuttgart; Tel: 0172 757 1736

Bank account: Commerzbank Stuttgart, IBAN: DE20 6004 0071 0770 2368 00

Association board

Dr. Stefan Kaufmann, President
Dr. Heinz Neeser, Vice president
Susanne Blecher-Müller, Office