Christmas Concerts

On the third Sunday in Advent – exceptions confirm the rule as far as the date is concerned – our third and thus last concert of a year takes place. We start rehearsaling the works at the beginning of September, but at the beginning of the school year at the latest.

2019: Giacomo Puccini – Messa di Gloria and Anton Bruckner – Te deum (WAB 45)

Photos: Oliver Loibl, Maria Zinke


2018: G.F. Handel – Four Coronation Anthems HWV 258 – 261 and W. A. Mozart – Missa in C Coronation Mass KV 317

Pictures of the main rehearsal and first four pictures (bright): Dr. Hans-Dieter Fritz; other pictures: Christian Konnerth; poster and flyer: Martina Irion

Here you can listen to audio samples 🙂

2017: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Te Deum (KV 141) and Exultate, jubilate (KV 165); Karl Jenkins: Stella Natalis (2009)

Photos: Wieland Konnerth

2016: Antonio Vivaldi – Gloria; Martin Palmeri – Oratorio de Navidad

Photos: Wieland Konnerth

Already during the final rehearsal both works were an incredibly intense sound experience! In the evening, the festive lighting in the church interior emphasized the solemn, Christmassy atmosphere.

2015: 60 years of town twinning between Stuttgart and Cardiff

In 2015 we received a visit from the Cardiff Bach Choir. In the course of only two rehearsals, our conductor Enrico Trummer succeeded in selecting from two musically completely different      singing groups to form a homogenous sounding choir. Together with the musicians of a large orchestra up to 130 people played on stage. There is an informative film about this memorable event in our media library or on youTube! Our second joint concert took place a few months later in May 2016 in Cardiff and was dedicated to Welsh composers.

2014: First-class representation

Fortunately, Michael Alber, who is very renowned in the choral and musical world, could be won over for the musical direction of the Christmas Concert 2014. He stood in for our suddenly seriously ill conductor at extremely short notice – only two weeks before our concert date – and thus saved our concert. Such a helpfulness is not a matter of course and we will keep him and his work with us in grateful memory.

Previous pre-Christmas concerts


Due to the chosen concert program there was no Christmas concert this year! However, our audience got “more than indemnified”.

  • 2010: The Creation – Joseph Haydn
    Petra Labitzke (S) , Daniel Kluge (T) and Wolfgang Schöne (B)
    The extraordinarily professional accompaniment once again came from some members of the Stuttgart State Theatre Orchestra.
  • 2009: Elijah op. 70 – Felix Mendelssohn – Bartholdy
    Petra Labitzke, soprano + Susanne Schäffer, alto + Daniel Kluge, tenor + chamber singer Wolfgang Schöne, bass
    Members of the Stuttgart State Theatre Orchestra
  • 2008: The Messiah – George Frederick Handel
    Petra Labitzke, soprano + Anne Greiling, alto + Tobias Wall, tenor + Teru Yoshihara, bass
    Members of the Stuttgart State Theatre
    With this work the first video of the Stuttgarter Oratorienchor was created, which you can of course find in our media library or on youTube.

Further concerts in November or December:

  • 2007: Johann Sebastian Bach – Christmas Oratorio Parts I – IV
  • 2006: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Three Sacred Hymns after the Thamos Choirs KV 345; Piano Concerto C Major; Davide penitente KV 469
  • 2005: Arthur Honegger – King David
  • 2004: Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy – Paul op. 36
  • 2003: Georges Bizet – Te Deum; Antonín Dvořák – Te Deum; Anton Bruckner – Te Deum
  • 2002: Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy – Symphony No. 2 (hymn of praise); Joseph Haydn – Te Deum
  • 2001: Antonio Vivaldi – Gloria; Francis Poulenc – Gloria; John Rutter – Gloria
  • 2000: Camille Saint-Saëns – Oratorio de Noël; Ottorino Respighi – Lauda per la Natività del Signore; John Rutter – Magnificat
  • 1999: Johann Sebastian Bach – Magnificat; Christmas Oratorio I – III
  • 1998: Johannes Brahms: A German Requiem
  • 1997: Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy – Elijah op. 70
  • 1996: Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Magnificat; Josef Gabriel Rheinberger – The Star of Bethlehem
  • 1995: George Frederick Handel, arr. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – The Messiah KV 572