Voices from the audience

From our expert audience, many of them speak to us directly after the applause has gone. Some of them are literally bursting with enthusiasm and praise the special features of the concert or the musical realisation during the performance in the highest notes. These moments are of course incredibly valuable for all performers, whether choir or conductor, and banish in an instant any exhaustion that may arise after a demanding concert.

Recently we have received enthusiastic reactions, also in written form. For this reason, we have decided to create the section “Voices from the audience”. Have fun reading some selected letters!

After the Summer Concert 2019…

a couple wrote by email:

Dear Mr. Trummer,
yesterday we had the pleasure to listen to your concert in the Eberhardskirche. It was simply great. A very big thank you for this wonderful evening. It was our mutual gift for our 47th wedding anniversary and at the same time a journey through time…
Many thanks again to you for … from back then and your empathy, which we could feel so well in your music yesterday

Best regards and another successful concert year

Although the following voices did not come from the audience, we do not want to hide the feedback from some members of the Stuttgart Concertino and also from Roberto Olzer (piano) and Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi (bandoneon). We are very honoured when such fantastic musicians make written comments again a few days after the concert.

Dear Enrico and dear All,

it has been a huge pleasure for me to play with You! One of the most beautiful programs I’ve ever played, so musical, touching and thrilling

Hope there will be the occasion to meet You again soon!

My best wishes.


Dear Enrico and dear contributors

it was a great pleasure playing with you! One of the most beautiful programs I have ever played, so musical, touching and exciting. I hope there will be the opportunity to meet you again soon!

My best wishes



Cari Ragazzi

Grazie a tutti Voi del bellissimo tempo speso insieme! È stato un grandissimo piacere per me collaborare al Vostro fianco. Spero di veder Vi presto!

Grazie Enrico di tutto.


Dear ones!

Thank you all for the great time together! It was a great pleasure to work with you. I hope to see you soon!

Thanks Enrico for everything.

MSP (Mario Stefano Peitrodarchi)

Lisa Barry, violin 2:

…that concert yesterday was so much fun! It’s nice that the fun was transferred to the outside and the audience was impressed. But the choir is also very nice, fit and well organized. Hats off! Everything went like clockwork …

Thank you very much for the nice lines and again, wherever and whenever.

Keiko Waldner, violin 2:

… thank you very much for the concert yesterday! I really enjoyed and enjoyed it. It was a wonderful concert! …

Pauline Meuret, violin 2:

… Once again, a great bravo for tonight. It was really a lot of fun….

Karina Kuzumi, concertmaster:

… it was a great concert again! We had a lot of fun. Thank you…. !!!

To the Passion Concert 2018…

… wrote Stefanie from Tübingen:

Dear Mrs…

because you were so kind and communicative, here is a quick little feedback about the performance: in one word: it was fantastic! Absolutely brilliant! It is my favourite music and that is why I have heard many performances. The choir is simply unbeatably wonderful, the female soloists and the orchestra too. Definitely one of the best, maybe the best performance ever. The atmosphere was also very nice and really enriched my heart. … I will certainly attend further concerts, even if you might not play my favourite music! Best wishes and a blessed Easter to you and the choir and the helpers 🙂

… Hans addressed these lines to the musical direction:

Dear Ms. Trummer, dear Mr. Trummer,

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you once again on yesterday’s fantastic concert by the Oratorio Choir! It is still an experience to see what kind of energy emanates from you, how it is transferred to the choir, and how you give every little effort to both the individual voices and the orchestra players. The articulation of the choir was phenomenal. Your detailed explanations in the programme booklet were very appealing and very demanding. I have never seen a programme booklet that gives the listeners such a detailed and at the same time clear explanation of a work. I was especially pleased that you were able to explain the closely.

… Kristin wrote from Stuttgart:

Dear Enrico,

… first of all “congratulations” to your concert yesterday! … It was a very beautiful, very successful performance. The soloists were very good, especially the tenor, the choir everywhere very precise, clear entries, modulations, phrasing, etc. well worked out and listened to. … under your direction the choir has really become a top choir, so once again: congratulations! Keep up the good work! … All the best to you and the choir for a successful future and best wishes.