Corona requirements no longer apply in the cultural sector

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Dear Audience,

on the poster of the upcoming concert on Palm Sunday no longer fit all the names of the vocal soloists who will perform with us. After printing the posters, there was a short-term change: Florian Hartmann will be the bass on 10.04.2022. We are happy that he could step in instead of Leonhard Geiger.

In Baden-Württemberg, Corona rules apply since the April 3, 2022 only in certain areas of life. In most everyday situations, however, we return to our “old life”, about which we are very relieved. Performing or attending concerts is now much easier again, as there are no longer any access restrictions. Nevertheless, it is important to remain prudent, because the infection figures are falling, but they are still (too) high. We rely on your personal responsibility when attending concerts, which we are sure you possess to a great extent.

Important to know

  • The 2G or 3G regulation, which is still printed on our concert tickets, is no longer applicable, consequently the obligation to test.
  • The mask-wearing in closed rooms is voluntary.

Recommendations for our passion concert:

    • Test yourself on the day of the event or be tested to have “certainty” for yourself
          • Wearing an FFP2 mask not only protects those around you, but also protects you from infection quite reliably.
          • Make sure you keep a distance of 1.5 m.
          • Keep to the sneezing and coughing etiquette and general hygiene.
            • If you have symptoms of illness such as increased temperature, cold, cough, etc., it is better to stay at home.

      • We thank you very much and look forward to seeing you!

        There are 20 free tickets for refugees from Ukraine at the box office.                     Please present your identity card and be there at the latest 18:45 clock…

        Contributed image: Johanneskirche am Feuersee, 19th century.