All concert plans for 2021 cancelled by 4th wave

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Last weekend was an incredible shock for our choir! For weeks the singers of the Stuttgarter Oratorienchor had been preparing in intensive, harmonious rehearsals for the first concert in these Covid times. The preparations were in full swing. Both musically and organizationally, it could not have gone better: Performing the concert according to the so-called “2G rule” (means fully vaccinated or recovered) seemed to be a sure thing, after all, we and all other contributors were fully vaccinated! But the unbelievable infectiousness of the virus taught us better… One will have to rethink about individual adjusting screws of the 2G or 3G regulations in the future. We are very relieved that our sick members did not have a severe course of the disease due to the vaccination.

Chronology of events

  1. Our first choir member fell ill the week before the concert. It still seemed possible to hold the concert.
  2. A second choir member announced on the morning of the dress rehearsal that the PCR test had turned out positive. In view of the overall infection situation, our only option was to cancel the concert at extremely short notice in order to avert even greater damage. This painful decision was announced via social media, private contacts and the choir’s own website. There was also a poster on the church door with the bar “Concert will be postponed”. Unfortunately, unknown persons removed this poster, so that some concert visitors who turned up outside St Matthew’s on Sunday were unable to find out there why everything was closed. We apologise again for this!
  3. A third positive PCR report from a choir member a few days later, as well as the new infections that were increasing daily in the meantime, ultimately led to another concert cancellation, but this time early, and in retrospect confirmed the decision to make up the “Concert in Memory of the Dead” at another time.

    The Christmas concert planned for December, 12th 2021 in the Gaisburg Church will also not take place due to the general state of infection!

    We are trying to reissue the concert programme “The Shepherds’ Joy at the Birth of Jesus” by G.A. Homilius and the well-known “Oratorio de Noel” by Camille Saint-Saens in the pre-Christmas season of 2022.

    Rescheduled date for the cancelled November concert 2011 is Palm Sunday, 10 April 2022, 7 pm at Johanneskirche am Feuersee, Stuttgart!

  • All purchased concert tickets remain valid!
  • Those who wish to return their concert tickets will receive their money back. Please contact our choir members or inform us via our contact form.