Dear tenors… where are you?

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If you ask about famous male voices, names of tenors are usually mentioned. Who does not know Caruso or Pavarotti? Like Plácido Domingo, Fritz Wunderlich and many others – singers not mentioned here – they have achieved world fame because of their ability to sing high notes effortlessly and at the same time powerfully and beautifully. The Stuttgart Oratorio Choir has good tenors, but more of this species would be very important for a vocal balance in our male voice section.

If you feel comfortable in the higher registers, just come to the auditorium of the Königin Olga Stift on Fridays from 6:45 pm. As a tenor, you are expected with special pleasure, because:
“Tenors are athletes” (Luciano Pavarotti)


Tenors are athletes. (Luciano Pavarotti)