SOC – Rehearsals online only for the time being…

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A year ago, no one would have thought it possible that we would have to organise our (choir) life with such massive restrictions as we are now experiencing in January 2021. Contact restrictions, a nightly curfew from 8 p.m. onwards, bans on concerts in churches and on stages of any kind, and much more are forcing even a tradition-conscious association like the Stuttgart Oratorio Choir to learn to use the modern, technical means of communication of today. Of course, they are not an equivalent substitute for singing together, but in the current situation they are indispensable so that the pandemic does not defeat us. Better times will come again sometime. Be prepared – that is our motto!

Until further notice, all our choir rehearsals will be held via Zoom. They will always take place on Fridays between 18:45 and 21:00. Our members and all guests will receive the necessary link and all information regarding the rehearsal schedule from the musical director.

Warm invitation

As every year, we invite new choir singers interested in sacred vocal music to “drop in” with us. Please use our contact form or write to the choir office. Even in times of pandemic, music unites us!

First Zoom rehearsals successful

On Friday 15.01.2021 we started our first virtual rehearsals. The choir memebers practise according to a schedule set by the conductor. Unfortunately, it is not musically satisfying to hear the other choir members singing during this form of rehearsal, as the synchronisation is severely disrupted by the time delay in the audio. But if the choir’s microphones remain switched off, everyone can practise with the choirmaster without any problems. The enthusiastic feedback spurs us on to continue on this path until we can sing together again in a rehearsal room or outdoors:

That was really great!  It was really fun! It really motivates me.

Unfortunately, the transmission was a bit slow for me, but it was great.

Much better than I expected! Motivating and great to see you guys.

Thank you very much for the great rehearsal today, including warm-up!